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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Love as a Weapon: 12 Step Got Game

We all tend to have a fantasy
about wanting others to care for us.

It can make us vulnerable
to expressed interest and grand overtures.

But if we stop and consider;

What kind of person would
ingratiate themselves to a stranger?....
How could someone truly care so much
for someone they don't know?....
What sort of person wants to take on
the responsibility for leading another person?...

In a children's tale, the answer might be
'a good person.'

But in reality, the answer is 'a sick person
who wants to play God.'.....
'Someone who is attempting to avoid their own life
while playing fast and loose with yours.'....

What things appear to be, and what they truly are...
they have as little to do with one another
as they ever did.

Street smarts tell us that if a person is too eager,
overly solicitous, too interested, then something is
wrong; they're conning you. And you'd be right.

What kind of person takes advantage of someone
at their lowest point, in order to feel better
about themselves and to promote an agenda?'Not a very good one.'


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