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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Easier Said Than Done

Unfortunately, demanding authenticity
won't make it happen.

We seem to be living in a world
that is more and more duplicitous
and false as the days go by.

Dealing with entire groups of addicts
is a pretty sure way of coming into contact
with some of the most unscrupulous
and unsavory characters around.

The majority of people in 12 Steps may be dry,
but the rest of their routine is pure show.

Just because someone says they are
a good person, presents themselves as rehabilitated,
promotes themselves as compassionate,
has the pretense of selflessness, and
postures as a spiritual person, that
does not make it so.

When dealing with sociopaths, narcissists,
pathological liars, con men, and zealots,
that's especially true.

No matter how sincere they seem,
no matter how charming and convincing
they are, and no matter how hard they work it,
a lie is still a lie.

No matter how beautifully it's crafted.

Fakes get away with hurting folks
precisely because they are so good at
what they do.

But a flawed copy can never replace an original,
and a hustle can never stand in for the real thing.

Don't believe the hype;
of course a con man is going to tell you
he's honest and sincere.
I've never met one yet that announced they were
getting ready to fleece you.


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