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No more shackles....

No more secrets.

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Friday, January 6, 2012

A Better Way

So some folks asked me about what the true purpose of the blog
is, noting that I kind of switch around on my focus (according to
them!) As a big fan of clarity, I took that as opportunity to
address the matter!

My purpose for the blog is pretty simple, even if multi-pronged
in its approach. All the motivations are related.

1.) I want to share my experience of maintaining sobriety and
what my experience with life as a sober person is like. Share my
trials, and methods for overcoming issues.

2.) I want to chronicle the specific problems inherent in AA
and my experiences with the cult. This is one part cathartic
release, but even more importantly is the need to warn people
about the dangers of that group. They cause real harm, and
not just in the short term. The truth needs exposing, and the
unscientific and hazardous approach to addiction needs to
be condemned as the fraudulent huckstering that it is.
  Many are afraid to speak up against the monopoly and mystery
of AA and its members; I'm not. I want to warn off anyone
who isn't going there and keep them safe.

3.) As much as there needs to be recovery from alcohol
and drug addiction, there also needs to be recovery from
involvement from the indoctrination and insanity of a 12-Step
program. Lots of misinformation that needs countering, lots of
damage to be undone.

All these things are interconnected and equally important to me.

In this country (America) in particular, there is still sort of a
hands-off mentality in regards to staying quiet about what 'other
people' do in terms of religion and spirituality and other such
secretive, personal practices. But therein lies the dilemma.

AA preaches that it/they are not a religion, while in fact
operating as one. Misdirection # 1. They then want to operate in
obscurity and draw no attention to themselves, yet they have
infiltrated virtually every corner of treatment and court referral
system in the world. This isn't a deserved status symbol of
earned renown. This is an outright obfuscation of the reality
of how little AA works.

Because they say they are well-intentioned and have existed
for so long, people want to give automatic credit to them and
seem to want to look away and allow them dominance over
hurting people with addiction. At the expense of all other
venues (i.e., rational, science-based actual recovery plans,)
AA is promoted and endorsed ad nauseum.

With a less than 5 % 'success rate' going for it.

Can you imagine any other group or organization in the
world having the hubris to say they have The Answer when
their own statistics provide proof of abysmal failure?
They'd be jailed for fraud. But because religion and

'God' talk enter the picture, AA is given a free pass.

Addiction is a horrible and insidious plague throughout
the world, and so is religion. Forcing a fictitious idea
down innocent people's throats in order to spread a
religious agenda is evil. It also is unforgivably cruel
and unprofessional to avoid actually treating suffering
people with addictions.

To spread the lie of helplessness and promote the
falsehood of magical beings that will answer your prayers
is incalculably insane. It takes away personal responsibility
and places emphasis on a new addiction.

So, to recap;
*I CAN DO IT (and so can you!)
*GOD CAN'T DO IT FOR YOU (cuz he's busy not existing)

Don't complicate it; they're all three important, and they
coincide. No reason they can't coexist.

There is such a thing as coincidence, Let your rational mind
burn away all the crazy talk of demons and fates and chosen
people; Just live.