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No more shame...

No more shackles....

No more secrets.

The path--and the Power--are within. Be Free.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Know Your Worth

It's always a losing game when you depend on
anyone outside of self to puff up your ego!

We all have to know our own worth, independent
of all others.

Don't give your power away!

Don't allow others to determine your value or
your limits.

Whenever anyone wants you to put your fate
in their hands (which is precisely what the sickies
in AA/NA try to convince you to do,) there's always
a catch, and it can never end well.

Don't fall victim to Intimidation tactics.

Don't let others catch you up in their Shame-based

Don't get tricked into doubting yourself.

Don't let others' Authoritative game-playing
manipulate you into listening to their spiel.
People who want control and influence over you
are NOT out for your good! No matter how pretty
they smile or how much they claim otherwise.

Don't be naive. Your well-being can't afford It.

People-pleasing and 'fitting in' is a losing proposition
for those with addiction and compulsivity issues.


"Of All the Crazy Horse Shit!"

In Programming, they say
"like, WOW! What better place to find comfort and
help with sickness than a bunch of other sickies?"

Pretty much anywhere!!!

Why on earth would other sick people
be the source for sanity and reason?
Of healing?
(some sicker by far; usually the sickest ones of all
stick with AA the longest, so deeply troubled and needy
and controlling and ego-ridden are they, ever-anxious to
sink their fangs in a new stray.)

You wouldn't ask a dying person how to get well from
a real disease.

You wouldn't ask another broken down car for a jump.

Even if some are actually doing what they say they are doing,
(and how would you actually know which sociopath to trust!)
all of those pronounced character defects
(lying, cheating, thieving, egotism, maniuplation,
sadism,  selfishness) are just under the surface ready
to pop up and sucker-punch you.

And since it's just like the Catholic Church up in there;
all they have to do is wax apologetic AFTER an infraction
and they're 'good to go.'
Nobody's worried one damned bit about your welfare.

So, as always, you better do it for yourself.
And that includes the foresight of
being cautious with whom you trust.

Why would you put faith or trust in a group of
folks that celebrate their brokenness,
promoting themselves as powerless and wretched and sick?

Dig out from under that rock.