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No more shame...

No more shackles....

No more secrets.

The path--and the Power--are within. Be Free.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

"Danger, Willful Donalsonvillians"

If you're in the Donalsonville, Georgia area
(or Southeast Alabama area,
or Bainbridge, Georgia,
or the Tri-State area in general)
be sure to take heed of this warning.

The single public phone number
for this area (Area 16, District 1, Zone A,)
the Seminole Group, is for the
King of all Toxic and Psychopathic

Do Not Come In Contact,
for your own safety.

As mentioned before, the level of one's
involvement (immersion) in A.A. is pretty well
proportionate to that person's absolute
detachment from reality.

Avoidance of personal responsibility,
absorption in negative and harmful
personal agendas, sick and controlling
actions, abuse of others, and dry drunk
specials on the lose in Cray-Cray Town.

You name it. That's what's on the menu at the
Donalsonville A.A. meetings...and anywhere
else the Sicko chooses to travel with
his mess of lies, seduction, and

But mostly he likes the phone.
Being the sole contact for hurting, scared, needy,
vulnerable, weak, young boys as they seek refuge.
No witnesses, no authority, no review.

People call for help, and depending
on what you look like and your age,
you get a hell of a lot more
than you bargained for.

Forewarned is forearmed.
If it/they seem too good to be true,
you know it can't be good.

A man of two minds is dangerous
to all he comes in contact with.