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Thursday, September 20, 2012

"Did I Do That?!?!

Rampant abuse of the whole 'biological determination' theory, as a
catch-all excuse for any habit or drive we have, is undermining society.
This weakness-theory works right alongside the 'disease model' of
addiction handed down decades ago by Alcoholics Anonymous.
The idea of this scientifically-derived compellment for people not
being in control of one's choices (based on body chemistry and DNA)
is a dangerous, built-in avoidance of personal responsibility, and it's
being applied to everything from alcoholism to violence to over-eating.
It's being used to 'explain' :
-Lack of alcohol abstinence (or moderation)
-Lack of tolerance for exercise
-Lack of sexual restraint
-Lack of emotional stability
-Lack of rage inhibiting

Attaching the idea of an imprinted, in-born, 'trait' as being the
culprit behind one's actions is an easy out, a slippery slope, and a
recipe' for disaster. At the end of the day, it means anything we
want or feel strongly enough about can be excused because we
imagine we're simply "built that way." That, in the end, it really is
in charge, and it's eventual-- unavoidable-- that we will succumb
or submit.

It goes back to countless other wrong-minded issues within 12 step
programs that place all power, all will, all ability on Externals, rather
than imbuing the person themselves with power, strength, responsibility,
or capability.

It's a dangerous road to place the burden of blame--or need-- on
something or someone outside of self, but it's equally treacherous
to say we are inhabited by software that is out to destroy us. At the
end of the day, how does one compete with that self-destructive notion?