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No more shame...

No more shackles....

No more secrets.

The path--and the Power--are within. Be Free.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tough Enough

"Thank you, sir...may I have another?"
(I don't think so!)

There seem to be tacitly regarded rules for living.
Rules such as;
"What you are born as is what you must remain,"
"Only certain folks are allowed to be tough."
In other words; mind your place!

But no one said you have to believe, or follow,
conventional wisdom. Just because someone tells
you something doesn't mean it's true, nor good for you.In the process of toughening up and developing a
more killer instinct so as to survive this world, I
see all the time the dismay and upset in people who
say "I remember the old Robert! What happened?"

Well, life happened, bitches...and when you get backed
into a corner, you have three choices;
1. Submit
2. Be killed
3 Fight Back

But when you  do fight back, that means competition and
status changes. It means upsetting the apple cart. It means
other people think their concept of you should override your
reality. As if you owe them something.

"But, have to be sweet and innocent and naive!
That's how I remember you. That's how I need you to be
for my comfort and safety!"

"How can I continue to victimize you and shit all over you
when you refuse to be passive and demure and kindly!?!
You're really upsetting my plans."

Well, here's some advice for all the haterz;
"Toughen up."


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Primary Purpose

Blaming people with addiction
for not subscribing to a delusional
wish-fest of duplicitous ranting
and self-aggrandizing superiority...
is like pissing on someone
and then blaming them for
dehydrating you.

But thanks for playing
the God-complex game!


Friday, May 18, 2012

Claiming 'Salvation' Doesn't Heal Wounds

I do feel badly for those people who are hurting--
so extremely needy and scared and pressured that
they attempt to cover their vulnerability with a flourish
of extremism and stridency.

But understanding nor sympathy do not--and should not--
extend themselves to excusing and rationalizing the abusive
behaviors employed by those who are in denial of self.

These folks are train wrecks looking for a place to happen, and
they seek to bring other people along for the ride. Self-destructive
behavior does not just affect self. And being dry does not eliminate
drunkard psychosis.

In the quest to deny self, cover up with lies, and promote tonics
and wishful thinking, the blind fanatics of A.A. and other 12 Step
programs not only prolong their own pain and misery (under a
pretense of being free from the normal human elements and afflictions,)
they seek to confuse and distract others with unhealthy false coping
mechanisms so they don't have to journey alone.

Compassion for these troubled, wayward, stifled souls exists,
but commitment to the greater number prevails. Once someone is
lost in a maze of duplicitous living--lying even to themselves in
interior monologues--I don't have an answer for what might be
able to reach them and convince them of their toxic distortions.

I don't know what might set them free, if anything. Especially if
they remain entombed and entwined in an isolated world of 'like'
others constantly reenforcing their indoctrination....and requiring
their adherence.

It's been my experience that no reasoning or pleading or
exposure to logic can sway people once they have committed to
and cemented themselves upon that course of adamant self-
righteousness and absolutism.

Sad, but we all make our own beds.

I have to be concerned with the greater good. I have to try and help
the people most interested in being honest and well. Exposing  truth
and uncovering fraud so that, hopefully, many will be spared the snares
and hurts always associated with dealing with people who are purveyors
of false goods.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Power of Prayer

Well, your knees will give out faster...

I know if I want to be ignored and have no
impact, I'll just get married again or join

Prayer is wishful thinking and self-importance
run amok.

The Power of Prayer is...nothing at all.

A new drunk off the imagined influence of one's
ego-bound bullshit that a divine wish-granter is on
your side and will personally respond to your
request and petition......

the self-importance of imagining you can
determine--and follow--the ever-changing
plans and grand designs 'He' has for you, and trust
your addled dry-drunk brain to interpret them.

But it's all good;
if you screw up, you're golden and forgiven,
cuz you called forth the magic words!
Unlike the rest of the ignorant unwashed savages,
who could never understand the vast complexities
of Faerie-dust Sky-Daddy and his perfect
love for his chosen butt-buddies.

Oh well..."pray for them."


What are you afraid of?

The Emperor's New Clothes