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No more secrets.

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tough Enough

"Thank you, sir...may I have another?"
(I don't think so!)

There seem to be tacitly regarded rules for living.
Rules such as;
"What you are born as is what you must remain,"
"Only certain folks are allowed to be tough."
In other words; mind your place!

But no one said you have to believe, or follow,
conventional wisdom. Just because someone tells
you something doesn't mean it's true, nor good for you.In the process of toughening up and developing a
more killer instinct so as to survive this world, I
see all the time the dismay and upset in people who
say "I remember the old Robert! What happened?"

Well, life happened, bitches...and when you get backed
into a corner, you have three choices;
1. Submit
2. Be killed
3 Fight Back

But when you  do fight back, that means competition and
status changes. It means upsetting the apple cart. It means
other people think their concept of you should override your
reality. As if you owe them something.

"But, have to be sweet and innocent and naive!
That's how I remember you. That's how I need you to be
for my comfort and safety!"

"How can I continue to victimize you and shit all over you
when you refuse to be passive and demure and kindly!?!
You're really upsetting my plans."

Well, here's some advice for all the haterz;
"Toughen up."


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