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Friday, August 17, 2012

Cult Watch: The Bondage of Alcoholics Anonymous

A.A. teaches Dependence, not autonomy or independence.
They teach that you 'Require' their help.
That you 'Require' meeting attendance.
That only another 'like-minded' person within program can help you.
(Sponsors should be called handlers, or wranglers, since their real job is
to extol the virtues of the program, espouse dependence on a fictional
'HP,' and to lay aside all questions/doubts about program. In addition, of
course, to promoting their own individual agenda.)

Whether it's repetition of the same tired euphemisms, contempt for
different information, scare tactics, or a glimpse of the shame-based
dismissal that will occur if you turn your back on the program and its
teachings, the 'sponsor' is the AA apologist and glue that keeps the faulty
thinking in place when meetings are not being held. They tell the doubting
Thomases what they need to hear to help them fall back in line and 'get
with the program.'
Adding the edge of egotism that all this dogma is deity-originated and
backed gives followers the dramatic push to sway scared newcomers.
They'll tell you they're selfless and humble, but they get high on being in
the self-appointed 'soul-saving' business....and 'God' save you if you don't
believe the hype.