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Sunday, February 5, 2012

"Me Love You Long Time"

(But alas, not alcohol!)

In response to my taking issue with AA's harmful
nature and destructiveness, one of its apologists
reprimanded me smugly by stating that "AA has
been around for 75 years and it's going to stay
strong and continue long after I'm gone."

The upshot being that nothing I said or did would
have any impact. Also, the implication being that,
by sheer virtue of longevity, AA was inherently
a 'good thing.'

Well, to clarify; lots of stuff lasts...has staying power.

People still ardently follow the Nazi philosophy.
Cockroaches will likely outlive everything.
Spam lasts forever in those damned cans.
Murder has been around since the dawn of mankind,
and I doubt it will fall out of favor soon.
Rape, incest, treason, robbery, deceit,
infidelity, and so much more of our planet's
offerings have a long history.

Being around a long time is not indication
as to some thing's altruism or worthiness.

But if you don't have much of an argument,
I can understand stretching for it.

Reason has never been popular with
superstitious, illogical man.
The sick and the scared in particular will
grasp at straws and embrace any port in a storm.

And we do like our continuity; so even when
something proves itself old and withered and
worn out past its usefulness, man is unlikely
to admit fault and move on.

In all likelihood, he will grasp even an illusion
more tightly, in despair and disdain,
in denial and disgust.

Yes, bad ideas do persevere.
And as always, the popularity of a notion
should not be construed as support of its validity.


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