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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Con of the Art (Pt. 2)

Being unaware of one's immersion in a scheme
does not reduce one's culpability.

Being ignorant to implications does not erase complicity.

Lack of awareness is not an excuse. Being in denial
or disliking a truth doesn't make it go away.

You can be part of a problem while having the best
of intentions. Government ineffectiveness, banking
schemes, pyramid schemes, police corruption,
falsehoods about addiction, and cults all share some
things in common; they are dependent on many who
are not actively aware for the devilishness of the
scam to be perpetrated. It's the nature of the beast.

If, with education and insight, people still choose
to remain involved with such schemes, then that
is a problem.

People start out wanting to feel better, wanting
to belong and be a part of something, wanting
a way to fill the nights, etc.

But when intimidation and indoctrination and
terrorism and psychological warfare come into the mix,
intentions fly out of the room.

If embracing someone is dependent on how
they live and whether they accept what you're selling,
then your 'love' isn't inclusive and accepting.

Giving lip service to something while doing the
opposite (and pretending otherwise) is not a new

Nobody wants to imagine themselves gullible or
foolish, so even when awareness descends, people
can have difficulty breaking free of the grip of a cult.
They know what happens to those who turn against
the group--or even simply stop attending. They become
ignored and treated persona non grata...a fate worse
than death if you have become dependent on the
illusion of being treated well and being cared about.

For those who are hurting, even the illusion of love
is better than nothing. The hucksters depend on it.


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