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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Paying it Forward..Obliviously

One of the non-working and dangerous aspects of 12-Step
program is the over-emphasis on abstinence without addressing
the real origins of the alcohol or drug dependence that spawned it.

Abstinence is a start; drying out is necessary for beginning healing.

But within Program, it's the distraction of meeting attendance that
ends up being the most viable 'support' for many. An endless
parade of forced smiles and pretenses of how 'great' things are.
Tepid and feigned fictions of wonderful lives, lest anyone think
we weren't "doing what we were told" or being in 'close enough
contact' with a God of other member's understanding.

Once more, the need for approval and acceptance leads to
compulsive pandering and pretending, which are at root of
most all addicts' true problems. AA and NA are an hourly
show-and-tell where members reinterpret their realities to
reflect 12 Step philosophy. "Look at me! See how well I can
recite and promote and jump through hoops?"

Raw emotion is not expressed; everything must be poured
through the filter of 'everything for a purpose,' learning to be
passive and self-less, and prostrating yourself before the
opinions and advice of others.

The format of the program rewards 'winners' and fitting in, and
therefore the need to reflect the wishes of others becomes a
necessity in order to receive the vaunted inclusion.

Neglecting truth is the expense of having a place to belong.

Avoiding our insides is what led us to darkness and despair
to start with. It's a pattern that must be broken.


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