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Friday, March 18, 2011

What IS a 'Higher Power' anyway?

A Higher Power...what is it anyway?
And why does it have to be referred to as 'god'
when that word has such negative connotations for
so many?
It is not--nor does it HAVE to be --named 'God.'

(In fact, just as a reminder, one need not subscribe
to the 12 Steps in any capacity in order to attend
the meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous. That pre-
sumptuous, misinformed position is but one of many
bastardizations of the true traditions of the group.)

Interconnectedness of all things in the Universe; people,
plants, the world......being connected and feeling deep within
a sense of that energy.

There is energy in the world, and we are all--I believe--
supposed to be
connected to it!

When we are not...through isolation, hate, negativity,

self-abuse, violence, etc...we feel the depth of our despair.

I don't know if alcoholism comes first and then the

frustration....or if we are first frustrated and then turn
to alcohol for 'support' or escape. I think it can be either;
doesn't really matter in the scheme of things.

But I feel that whether we call the Force that is

existing--that we all comprise--by any name, it is the
same concept. Human capability, the Universe, collective
consciousness, god, the Great Spirit, Buddha, God, Shiva,
 intellect, souls, Love...whatever you want to call it, it is
in essence all the same thing. What matters a name?

To assume a place in the world as 'less than' is to
curse one's self. To assume and accept and promote
an outlook of guilt and shame is to further the every
hurts that led most of us to take up drinking in the
first place.

I know of no one who was well-adjusted and decided
to start 'drinking to excess' out of boredom. Every
drunk I have ever known was a deeply conflicted
person with pain they wanted to subside.

How can constant reminders of being a 'failure' and 'not
measuring up' improve that fatalistic self-view if the only
reason we are deemed 'worthwhile' is by an outside
paternalistic force we can't control?

Seems the same as embodying alcohol with the ability
to control us; always an external power running our lives.
No personal responsibility.

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