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Friday, March 18, 2011

Thinking About A Drink?

Hang in there.

People lose their jobs, and they need not drink.
People get bad news regarding health, and they need not drink.
People lose their houses in fires, and they need not drink.
People lose children and spouses and parents, and need not drink.

I am not saying this to make light of legitimate concerns and fears;
they are yours and they are valid. You alone can appreciate the
depth of your own feelings. But at the end of the day, after you have
expressed them and felt them and seen what there is to see.....
the decision is truly simple. Is a drink going to help anything?
Will it change anything?

Of course not, so we take the bitter pill and we move to accepting it.

My reason for believing differently in a HP is that I don't believe
in prayer as a "get what you ask for" sort of deal. I find it offensive
that people think that life's events are judgment based;"good things
happen when you're good, bad things happen when you're bad."
"Some of us are 'chosen' and others are not as blessed."
"Well being is dependent on random mercy and grace."

This is life; Shit happens. It's how you react to it where principles
and character come into play!

And yes, making good choices now can have a huge impact on what
kind of life you continue to have; EVEN in a 'worst case' scenario.

We are not promised anything in this world; all that we have here
is gravy. We can get dependent on a lack of misfortune, so that
when it does occur we look at it as a 'bad' thing, but that is simply
a part of this journey. Worry produces nothing good. Regret, anger,
despair all cause a life that COULD be lived fully and happily to be
watered down.

We cannot be a victim of circumstance, no matter what the
circumstance is. Happiness is CHOICE, not chance.......
and we can be miserable millionaires or positive paupers; we hold
the power in our heads and hearts......

And it's work. Hard, long work in progress. Don't let the bullshit people
spread about how 'wonderful their lives are' fool you. Don't let the smiles
and kissy-poo make you feel left out. We're all on the shit-treadmill and
we're all struggling to keep afloat. You are not alone.

I wish you strength, love, courage, and serenity in the days to come.

You are not alone.

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