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Friday, March 18, 2011

A Plea to Active Members of 12 Step groups

Please stop giving out phone numbers and telling people
you are available to them when you don't answer your
phone, return calls, or go through moods where you pick
and choose who you feel like talking to.

Please stop promoting your chosen way of life as the only
way, and trying to convince others that alternate methods
are dangerous or unproductive or delusional.

Please stop telling people to hide and suppress their
sexual orientation in meetings. One's identity is none
of your business, and your discomfort with it has no
place in the rooms (or advice related to the rooms.)

Please stop giving medical advice and psychological
advice, even if you should happen to be a trained
physician or psychologist. You are not equipped to
determine whether or not meds are required for
someone, or what they may legitimately suffer from.

Please don't make grandiose promises or generalized
hyperbolic exaggerations about the merits of the program.
These are in fact the very things that cause people
to become so disillusioned and hurt by the meetings,
the program, and the people.

Please don't 'drop' people when you decide they
aren't going to think like you. A dissident opinion is
still attached to a real and valid human being, even if
you refuse to see it. When you offer the moon--and
all your precious time--to someone when you think
you can sway them, and act as though they have the
plague when you discover otherwise, it hurts.

Review your intentions for what you're doing, please.

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