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Monday, December 17, 2012

The Power and Push of Loneliness

Loneliness is a powerful fear. It's a part of what drives every
person, and is a part of every person's life--to varying extent--
from cradle to grave.

Many suffer from it without being acutely aware, and attempt
to disperse the anxiety of loneliness with a suitcase of 'medicinal'
or situational alleviations that might even work as distraction,
for a while.

But eventually, as people die and friends depart, as we grow
older and find it less easy to connect (or hell, just even meet
new people!) we recognize that our loneliness is just a part of
the ride, like so many other things we must accept linked to the
human condition.

Fundamental loneliness is understood by cults across the globe,
and preying on it is an important aspect of indoctrinating folks
into their fold.

Typical ruse; come on strong, effusively generous, accommodating,overly interested, big smiles, empty promises. Pretenses aplenty.
Best behavior to impress and inculcate.

Once they get you connived, convinced, and regulated, attention
is relaxed and now if you want any positive recognition or strokes
you have to jump through hoops, pull your weight, and recite the
teachings ...self-regulating the dictates and indoctrinating the new
recruits. Because 'same page' thinking is the only true goal of the

Rewire. Assimilate. 'Differently educate.'
Not actually help; 'help' is only available to those who are willing to
be rewritten in their view.

In the eyes of 12 Step groups, if you aren't part of their particular
outlook, you aren't part of their circle. You're either with them or
against them. If you aren't part of their 'solution,' you don't have a

Trained animals, begging for scraps and treats. That's not how anyonewants to live, but of course, giving in is the answer they provide to
you. Before the warmth is withdrawn.


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