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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Many Rivers to Cross

Everyone living is doing the best they can,
or the best they know how to do.

None of us came with a rule book, and we're
all on a journey to find out exactly what path--
or, more likely, series of paths--are right for us.

'Right' being a subjective term since things
change as we grow, experience, reflect, and
face consequences.

The world is made up of a constant procession of
difficult, unenviable questions and decisions that
usually have to be made in imperfect circumstances with
insufficient input. We can hypothesize about what is
the 'best' course of action for ourselves, our loved ones,
our future, and what results the choices may bring...
but ultimately there is no knowing.

We're thankful when it works out, and we roll
with the punches and try not to be consumed
with regret when they don't.

But life is filled with conflict, confusion, grey areas,
unknowns, and super-complicated messes with no
easy, fun, or clear-cut solutions. It's all about making
the best of what you have and seeing where it all ends up!

(If you're lucky, you'll survive it to be able to learn from
any mistakes.)

But lives and people are all unique, and choices are
extremely personal. What works for one likely won't
work for another, since the number of variables between
two people is exponentially high. So applying a cookie
cutter, boxed 'fix-it' to everything isn't likely to work.

But uncertainty is very unsexy to us.

So when people start talking about absolutes, and 'either-or'
extremes of black-and-white thinking, applying a set
response to ever-changing stimuli, you can understand
why they would want to.

The idea of there being a knowable, simplified,
notion of 'right' and 'wrong' with no give inbetween, just these
fixed's appealing to folks, even if difficult.

And that's fine. But when they start making proclamations
about said absolutes, letting others know that they aren't
living or thinking 'correctly' (according to them)
 and need to do exactly what they
do in order to have things turn out right (in fact, as
'intended',) that just takes the cake.

And some want to impose that your life is at risk--
including your afterlife!--
for not following their notion?
Pfffft....Alcoholic, please.

If some need structure and order and a permanent system
in place so they feel better--so that they can better
survive this world--so be it.

But when you start passing judgment on how others cope,
or running them down for not buying in to what
you're selling, that's when it gets personal..
and that's when you open yourself up to attack.

When you lay it out in absolutes,
expect resistance.


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