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No more secrets.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012


"Bend it don't break it!"

Finding a way to 'get along' without
compromising individual needs and rights
is a tough fit.

Pretty much everyone has an agenda
that doesn't include your well-being,
and it is every person for themselves.
(Don't let anyone's smile or deftness
fool ya otherwise!)

But allowing for people's inadequacies,
inconsistencies, idiocies, illnesses, and
illogic can be taxing if we take it on a
case-by-case or specifics basis.

For self-preservation, the art of being
cool about stuff is a time-saver and a
stress-saver. You can't change most
things, so keeping your condemnation
secret and keeping your comments
restrained is possibly the best way to
avert conflict.

Yeah, sometimes conflict is needed to
protect your boundaries and lay things out
straight for folks, but not as an every-day
all-day venting.

Wanting things a certain way and
expecting things to turn out a certain way
are two completely different ball parks.
Choosing between them, and recognizing
that there is not always going to be
reconciliation, is a step towards peace.

The choice to avoid craziness and conflict is
taking power and remaining in control.
Not everything works out how we want;
how we respond to that reality is the maker
of new worlds.


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