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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Not All Habits Are Great

I've started to pick up more on the patterns in life,
the similarities and synchronicities of pattern that
occur, despite the aesthetic 'differences.'

If you live long enough, experience enough,
read enough, hear enough, or pay attention to
what's shaking, sometimes you pick up a thing or two.

Group dynamics are a bitch. Especially as relates
to anyone who doesn't 'fit in' or make the decision
to jump on board with what everyone else is pushing.

Doesn't matter if the emperor has no clothes;
if the majority says he does, then you either fall in line
or face their wrath for being an independent.

It's the way of the world. Togetherness and
connection to people is a great concept, were it
based on inclusion and acceptance. But that ain't it.
This is a whole other ball game.

Whoever is dominant or majority starts to get
a wide head from being unchallenged and from continuous
adoration of like-minded (or pretense of like-minded)

From this haughty position, even a
previously positive or well-intentioned message or
premise takes on a devilish air as it's tainted and

Instead of being the recipients of good measure
or charity, these stalwarts establish themselves
as the esteemed ambassadors-- determining
and designating who among the unwashed masses
will be privy to their divine allowances.

You see it in all manner of authoritative
structure; families, churches, businesses...
cliques of more wealthy or more popular folks...
particular races, particular names, particular pedigrees....
anything can be used as a basis for discrimination.

It's not personal; it's just the way of the world.

But predominance and prolonged status does
not a good habit make.
Sometimes a 'cigar' really is a big stiff one being
forced on you, all Freud-y Krueger like... and it's a
you must wake up from.


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