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No more shame...

No more shackles....

No more secrets.

The path--and the Power--are within. Be Free.

Monday, December 5, 2011

At Peace With Alone

In the vastness of this Universe,
from cradle's empty security to
deathbed's icy grip,
we are all of us alone.
Inextricably, undeniably,
irrefutably alone.

There is but one thing,
one energy,
one person
in all the expanse of life
upon which we can rely;

To distract one's self with
temporary forays or beautiful illusions
is to lie to your best friend.

To imagine that anyone will do for you,
or support your vision,
or reach out to your pain,
is to commit to fantasy
rather than reality.

We are complete unto self.
Our aloneness is a gift.
We can revel in all we have to offer
and all we have to accomplish
and all we have to experience;
no assistance, no permission,
no acceptance, no tolerance
is required.

If you aren't strong, don't worry.
None of us are born that way.
This world indoctrinates and
beats us into submission
from the moment we sprang forth.
Strength is in us,
but it must be cultivated,
discovered, excavated.

You better see fit to find that strength
sooner rather than later.
Depending on a faulty outside source
(which is about the best thing you can say
regarding fallible, weak, deceptive,
wishy-washy humans)
is a set-up for failure.

Cut to the chase;
depend entirely upon self.
You'll never have to worry,
regret, second-guess, or be
blind-sided by where your faith
has been placed.

There's only one True Friend
that stands by you to the end;
look in the mirror,
dig inside,
and discover them today.


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