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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Beware Magic Beans

Beware any Promise of an 'Ultimate Truth.'
Or 'The' Answer.
If folks claim they have these and you must do
what they say in order to experience their greatness....
if these folks condemn you for being Lost
without their same sacred 'Insights'....
you might wanna run like Hell!

These folks have replaced one addictive and
compulsive disorder with another.
Spirituality is not paint-by-numbers,
and it can't be burrowed into someone's brain
by rote or influence.
It also, incidentally, is not requisite
to being recovered from active addiction.

Recovery and sobriety isn't reserved
for one group of ideals.

Healing isn't exclusive to one path.

The rigid notion that only one's own directive is
effective and acceptable is not only juvenile
and erroneous, it's dangerous.
It's a facet of addictive and compulsive sickness,
not Recovery.

And having one way of treating people who agree
with our methods, and a different way
of treating those who don't is,
at best, troublesome.
Little hypocritical, too.

So just remember to beware the stories of
magic beans.... avoid used car salesmen, snake oil
salesmen, and people who claim they have the answers for you.
That which seems too good to be true generally is.
And smiling faces only cover lies for a time.


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