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Saturday, June 25, 2011

AA's True Legacy

The Apostles of the Divine Reich

So, what are folks left with, in the grand scheme?

After the coffee pots are cleaned and the lights dimmed.

After the factions break up to gossip and seduce and
engage in all their existing compulsive addictions and

After the posturing and lying and self-promotion and
pandering and typical church-impressions have been
doled out.

After newcomers and sensible folk and court appointees
have ceased attending.

The legacy of AA's doctrine, that sticks with a 'person
with alcohol addiction as a result of underlying problems,'
is as follows:

* You are a weak and powerless person.

* You are not strong enough to manage your own life.

* You are morally transgressed and a bad person.

* You are a sinner and a godless person.

* You are without the truthfulness to see what is good.

* You have made a fatal decision to leave the Program.

* You are sentenced to a life of constant drinking.

* You will never be free of the yoke of alcoholism.

* You have a 'disease' and you can't help yourself.

* You are guilty and shameful and confused.

* You cannot trust yourself.

* You cannot recover on your own or without
   spiritual transformation.

* You are not honest enough to be healed/saved.

* You are not smart enough to know what's good and right.
(or, You are 'too smart' for your own good.)

* You are not worthwhile on your own; you need an
eternal, external crutch to be okay.

CONGRATULATIONS!You are a graduate of the most effectively disabling
mind-control cult in the world!

It's the message that keeps on giving! Spreading like
a cancer throughout the land.

The ultimate Pyramid Scheme; Human Lives and souls
are the price of your acceptance and 'progression!'

Because if God 'Himself' is the (purported) co-author
of the divine Big Book, who are lowly, alcoholic, sinning
YOU to think you know anything about your own welfare?

You stupid, dishonest, egotistical, irresponsible, lacking,
immoral piece of garbage you!

Get in line with the shaming and authoritative process
and get your ass controlled!

(Translation of AA material exclusive courtesy of
Truth in Advertising.)

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