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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Why all the "AA bashing"? 'innocent'...
it must be harmless!

So, for the record, and to respond to a handful of pouty
critics, I'm addressing why I spend so much focus on the
'bashing' (emphasis theirs) of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Well, let's Keep It Simple.

A.A. is a destructive and insidiously dangerous mis-used
tool that destroys as many lives as alcohol abuse itself.

It is a substitute addiction, and no, it is not a 'good one.'

It is a celebration of pretense and illusion, clinging to
dreamy ideals while avoiding realities and actual needs.

It sets people up to fail. It sets people up to be weak
and dependent. It creates a bullying and intimidation that
says you are 'less than' in its absence. It sets up people
to use externals to make themselves stronger and able to
face challenges.
(Hmmm....that seems familiar.)

I offer reasons why AA is a bad choice.
I promote other means of achieving sobriety.
I recount the horrible experiences I had and what I
witnessed  in the cult.
I 'attack' AA because AA has set itself up as a venerable
provider of something that it is not, and yes, I have taken
it upon myself to set the record straight so that no more
people have to be hurt by their many, many lies and

I'm still against alcohol abuse. And drug abuse. And
religious addiction. And dependent relations. And
ego-minded controlling actions which intimidate and
shame scared, hurting people. And misrepresenting
truth. And substitutional addiction. And hypocrisy
and double standards.

Alcohol is not bad; alcohol abuse is 'bad.'
People are not bad; self-destructive behavior is 'bad.'
AA is thought to have started off halfway okay, but
has been twisted and reduced to a fanatical religion
that avoids rational thinking and truth. No, it was
always a means of expanding the Christian doctrine
stranglehold under another auspices.

AA is not used as a springboard for getting on your
feet and getting well. It is used as an indoctrination
to gain members, for without fresh blood the host
will wither and die. Thus the hyperactive pounce
on newcomers.

A holding pattern of mindless regurgitation is not
healthy, recovery, spiritual, or 'godly.' It is in fact
a bastardization of all those things. In life, change
and growth are the constant; if AA is a spiritual
kindergarten (which is being kind,) why does no
one ever graduate and MOVE ON!?!?

IF AA simply 'worked' for teaching people who like
the idea to change for the better--separate to
themselves--then so be it! But the entire organization
is about religious indoctrination and subversion,
which of course requires targeting new recruits
and repetitively demeaning and subjecting them to
lies. So much for autonomy. No wonder there's a
code of secrecy and silence.

You don't have to be religious or join AA to get well
from addictive and compulsive living. That is my
message; AA is at the foreground of disseminating
the antithesis of that message, and therefore needs
to be discredited and opposed.

Until their subterfuge and dangerousness are common
knowledge, I will continue to speak out.

Thanks for the request for clarity!

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