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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sleight of Hand

Most things are not what they seem. That's
a given when you see the world as it really is.

But most of us would like to hope that a place
like a spiritual recovery group or a religious
institution would have a few more folks who
are genuine and true in their ranks. Tends to
work out that the reverse is true.

It only makes sense; you get a bunch of
avowed thieves, liars, con artists, manipulators,
hucksters, emotionally bankrupt, self-involved
individuals together and what do you expect?

There's no oath that those present are going
to do right by any set of standards. There's
no authority in place to oversee or maintain
morality in the groups. It's every person for

And, like the 'real world,' those who are the
best at what they do are the predators that
climb to the top of the heap. Maintaining a
masterful level of lies and illusion helps
skyrocket to the top of the recovery heap so
that others are tricked into wanting the same
pretense of serenity, the same mock humility,
the same illusion of success.

When you find out it is all for show, it's
much too late in the game.

The 12 Step groups are a clearinghouse for
some of the worst of humanity, now focused
on using their deception skills and subter-
fuge for convincing people they are  great
human beings, so that fools will open up
to them and be taken advantage of and
kicked around by these emotional
vampires and head cases.

It's the same old story, just with a shiny
new twist. And a smorgasbord of vulnerable,
hurting, sick people to be at the mercy of
another (presumably) dry drunk sociopath
with a need to control and use
others in order to feel alive.


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