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Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Master Illusion VS The Big Picture

Sobriety is not a morality
or spirituality issue.
It's a common sense, self-care, and
personal responsibility issue.

Stop looking for excuses and
start caring for self.
Do the work you need to get it right.

If hand-holding and being around
like-minded people is required to
stay sober, then why doesn't 12 Step
heal all the problems one has?
Why can't people stop smoking,
stop being addicted to sugar,
stop being addicted to caffeine?
Why can't they start controlling--
or get rid of--their Super Ego?

If it's so effective and simple,
why are there so many
rules, and so many demands?
Why do you need someone else
to point the way
if you've already discovered
an ultimate and omnipotent source of
power in your 'Higher Power?'

Every person is different.
Yes, even every addict and alcoholic.
The idea that a spiritual journey
can be instructed, or follow
the same format as another is
confused and baseless.

'Let each man search his soul
for his own salvation with fear
 and trembling.'

We have touchstones and guideposts
along the way, but addicts are highly
prone to substitution.
If we simply replace one crutch for
another, where's the growth?
(That's when AA will say "But at least
they're not drinking any more!"
which sort of highlights that drinking
is only a part
of the problem, as well as
recognizes that
AA is its own addiction.)

Addicts want praise and attention;
they have an unquenchable desire to be
accepted and feel a part of something.
The 12 Step outline is such that
the authoritative 'carrot and stick'
is used to manipulate people
into staying if they want to be accepted.
Say and think the right thing in order
 to be treated well.

Only by becoming one with our real,
true selves and accepting ourselves
for who we are
can we find true contentment
and happiness.

A system of adherence and control cannot
provide support for free thought.
It's counter to its very core.


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