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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Personal Responsibility

It is my job to Question Everything, not other people's
job to tell me the truth or be fair.

I am responsible for protecting myself and my heart 
at all times; no one else has been directed to take up
that task.

I have to learn how to Leave when it's Over; and
never stay too long in a place I am uncomfortable, 
unappreciated, or not getting my needs met.

I cant allow anyone to change my heart, 
no matter how charming the smile or how
desirable the promises.

Learn what people are to be trusted, and
to what extent, and how few those people
truly number. Take the ability to absorb
this discernment as valuable lesson, nothing

When other people treat me poorly, it is not a 
reflection of me in any way. I must know my own
value at all times. Cruelty is other people working 
out their own issues; I cannot become upset by it,
and I especially can't allow it to alter how I act.

If I know something to be wrong, I can trust myself.
I can trust my inner Voice. I can trust my needs.
Other people don't know what's best for me. That's 

Take people as they are. Know that we are all
equally flawed and capable. Don't believe the
hype. Don't get distracted by wishful thinking
or elevated notions; also don't discount that 
such things have benefit to others.

See the value in the power of disagreement 
without feeling the need to become disillusioned or
disturbed. Everything in its own place.

My value and validation and acceptance come
from within. I cannot seek to endorse them through

There are reasons for every person and conflict in
my world. Until I learn the lesson, the conflict will
continue. If I view another as a problem to be avoided,
I miss out on a tremendous opportunity.

That which frustrates me the most in another is what 
I see of myself reflected. 

I can't control other people, and I'm not meant to.
The disinterest I have in being altered and demeaned
for who I am (and how I believe) is inherent in all of us.
Respect this commonality, despite the distraction of 
how our individual needs manifests it differently.

As I expect acceptance and respect for being the 
miracle of who I am, in all my divine intricacy, so must
I accept others...and honor their needs.

It is not my job to actively change, influence, condemn,
or dismiss another; if I am solely focused on my needs
and my betterment, all else falls into place. Who am I to
instruct another in something as personal as a spiritual

It's all good. There is a different truth for every soul on
the planet. As no other person can--or needs to--comprehend
my path, so too am I released from worrying about another's
efforts and decisions.

Like me, others are doing the best they know how.
They love me to the best of their ability.
Accept that, and move on.

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