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No more shackles....

No more secrets.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Common Ground

What works for me need not work for everyone.
The opposite is also true.
Neither truth need negate the effect of the 'opposing'

"To thine own self be true," but that doesn't mean
conflict must ensue.

I can attend a meeting of any support group, even
if I disagree with 90% of stated beliefs. I can partake
of companionship, be a support, amicably voice a
differing opinion, and find/give love to my fellow
seekers without adhering to what doesn't work for me.

I can be respectful, believe in and work my own path
of recovery, and stay sober. I don't need to change
anyone else, shout to be heard, defend myself, or
allow anyone else to hurt me.

I need the support and respect of only one person;
self. I require no permission to follow my heart and do
what is best for me. I can take the good in others and
ignore what I perceive to be 'the rest.' The same is true
for differing systems of recovery.

Just as no one system can be expected to work for
all people on the planet, expecting such a system to
change to meet the needs of others is unrealistic too.
Be happy that others are happy.

It's a great big beautiful world, and there are as
many ways to get well as there are of being sick.

Recovery is not a competition.


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