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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Addict-Think is Marshmellow Logic

Even when an out-of-control ego is the primary
underlying problem for an individual's bad behavior
and addictive/compulsive mindset, the logical
conclusion is not to surrender all self will!

This sort of extremist ping-ponging of positions
is typical of the all-or-nothing mindset of an addict.

Why not develop a little moderation?

Self-will is an aspect of the survival mechanism
inherent in all human beings. To dispose of this,
to subvert one's self to touchy-feely submissiveness,
is to sign your own death warrant.

Besides, I hardly think there can be only one
overriding factor in the reasons that people suffer
from addiction and behavioral neurosis. Again; the
attempt to over-simplify is really reaching for easy
fixes and pipe dreams....and setting one's self up for
relapse and failure.

Attempts to deny one's self; desire, need, want,
feelings, drive --in totality--(which is, of course, what
all religions promote, for their own good!) is the worst
possible advice for an addict.

Duplicity and suppression never work out well with us!

Self-control, moderation, balance, tempering, and
refraining from making a 'battle for the fate of a soul in
the lingering conflict between god and the devil' are
probably good places to start to heal a human being.

Extremism is the enemy of all addicts; putting additional
pressures and false notions into play are counter-productive
in recovery.

What sense does it make to go full tilt from maniacal
egotism and self-involvement to complete immersion in
selflessness (or at least the illusion of such?) Ever seen
the aftermath of fad dieting? Or cold turkey detox? Or
fanatical involvement in new thinking? It's a sure way to

Denying self is dangerous, unrealistic, and unhealthy.
It's also a big part of the problem that drove many addicts
to turn to drugs and alcohol to self-medicate in the first

A healthy life is not achieved via unrealistic expectations.
Holy-rollers and promised-land salvation are just another
junkie high that is doomed to let us down in the long run.


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