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Monday, March 5, 2012

What we think we see...

"Re-framing" is the technique wherein people in
recovery learn to adjust--rethink--the way they
look at things. Relationships, data, drugs, the world;
everything we see through our old eyes is suspect
when we have had a history of considering and
assessing things from the point of active addiction.

The problem is that a person with an addictive
personality shares some pretty outrageous points
of view (denial, paranoia, juvenile behavior,
compulsivity, etc.)
which can either be prolonged or heightened
(or both) by using.

These 'stinking thinking' thoughts can also become
frozen in time at roughly the place a person was
when they started using.
Add to this that addictive behavior--and drugs/
alcohol themselves--can intensify and rewire the brain
to more significantly consider wild thinking,
and induce new ways of incorrectly interpreting the world
around us.

(Thoughts experienced under the influence can
resonate more strongly than thoughts considered
under normal circumstances, just like thoughts
that constantly or repetitively cycle can form a
groove--and even cause enhanced neural sensitivity.)

So, once sober/clean, the need to learn a new way
of viewing things is necessary.
It starts with questioning what we know,
versus what we think we know.

Do people really ostracize and malign us,
or are we oft-putting with our brashness
without even realizing it?
Is everyone untrustworthy, or are we
unwilling or unable to trust due to bad experiences?

Reframing is rewiring the brain to see that
not all of our deeply held beliefs and opinions
may be correct or justified.

Do you really need a drink in your hand
(or in your gut) in order to chat or date or fuck,
or are you just scared of talking to people
and in need of facing that?

Do you really have to have a drink when everyone
else is having one, or can you do what is best
for you, regardless of what the crowd says
or thinks?

What we steadfastly held true
could all be otherwise.
"Free your mind; the rest will follow."


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