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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Things Which Used To Baffle Us......

I used to be naive about how something like
the Nazi regime could have taken hold of
so many everyday, 'normal', otherwise
good people.

Now I simply wonder how it doesn't
happen more often.

Hitler & Company took a defeated, frightened,
angry, shamed country of people and he fed
them the ideas of the inclusion, acceptance,
instruction, and discipline they were seeking.

They were broken so that they were willing
to do whatever it took to attain and to keep
these stilted promises of mock love. The lure
was enticing. The bill of goods was expertly
drilled into their minds with such ferocity
and repetition that the propaganda became
the realized 'reality.'

The strict parameters, the culture of fear,
the worry over losing face and place,
having thinking dictated, being under
authoritarian rule, being part of a falsified
elite....these are all the things that appeal
to children with unmet needs.

They are susceptible to shame and control.
And of course, for the abandoned child
who now has a taste of power and privilege
all their own, there is the ultimate wet dream;
The opportunity to impose shame and control
on another, and continue the pattern endlessly.

No, it's no longer a mystery how such things
occur in the world.

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