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Monday, November 12, 2012

Armageddon Tired of All This!

These days, there aren't a lot of "Eggs-or-cereal" level decisions that
are plaguing the old cerebellum.

No, everything seems pretty amped up to world-altering, mind-
shattering, status-quo-erasing elements of style and destruction.

Decisions over health care choices and surgeries, impending loss of
(and precipitating deterioration of) parents and other aging family,
poor health and finances of friends, living situation problems, loss of
transportation, conflict with lawyers and agencies, massive headaches
over finances, and so on!

Never a dull moment, right?

And the thing is, that everyone I know is being besieged with
similarly life-and-death type muy importante matters on a regular
basis. (And all the doomsday scenario worriers, all the extremist
anti-Obama fools who are buying guns and seceding from the country
and losing their minds aren't helping jack!)

It's just a really wild and crazy time to be alive right now, at least
for a good many of us. And make no mistake; money helps. Money
gives the power of choice and freedom and option a whole host of
problems that--with money's aid--become inert non-issues.

But even those with money, especially those unaccustomed to loss
and doing without, are having a tough go of it.

Making major adjustments is difficult in the best of circumstances,
but with so many areas of people's lives affected at once (as well as
so many people being affected at once,) it can create the notion that
we're out of control...that things are at an end. But we aren't.
Stressed, certainly.  Whelmed on some days. Confused, exhausted,
scared, uncertain.....but always in charge. Able to take a moment and
consider options. Capable of making choices with a more rational,
less emotional mindset. Aware of the essential life lesson that 'it can
all change in a moment.'

But we aren't being singled out. We aren't helpless. We don't have to
take the lumps and be docile. We can see things in new ways, learn to
fight back, become better equipped to handle stress.

There may never be a "making it back to the old days" and yet there

is most certainly hope and help that comes from within as we transform
and ascend, even in our darkest hour...even if all seems lost and no one
is at our side.

Everything we need is within...if only we will let it shine.

This isn't the end of certainty, complacency, and collectivism.
About damned time.


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