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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Too Much of a Good Thing

Within the human essence is a deep need to belong and have meaning;
to be a part of, to be connected, to have some thing of importance that
gives you a reason to feel good.

But when anything, even a 'good' or positive association, becomes a
fanatical obsession--something that essentially can't be survived without--
then things have gone horribly wrong.

If people choose to use charitable work, a hobby, a second job, becoming
a Big Brother/Sister, or joining a group or a church as a means of focusing
their energy somewhere, so be it.

But when the compulsivity gene that accompanies most addicts rears
its head and starts seeing the one thing as predominantly more important
than all others, it's an issue.

Anything taken to an extreme is not healthy, and becoming adamant or
engulfed in something (as a means of refuge, denial, or avoidance for
what's really going on in your life) is just another addiction taking hold;
substitution in full force.

We all need places and people and passions and pass times that offer us
a respite from the chaos and the struggle. The more the better, actually,
as you'll have a fuller portfolio of support on a rainy day, rather than a
restricted, narrow limitation on you.

Whenever we focus on a singularity as our salvation is when we are
bargaining with our future. If something outside of us controls whether
or not we're going to make it, we've given our power--and our sobriety--away.


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