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Friday, August 10, 2012

"They won't miss a little piece, right?"

You can't remove one without affecting the others.
The goal of recovery is self-acceptance, wholeness, and healthy relations.
So the whole concept of being forced to pick-and-choose what parts
of self one divulges  in a 'support group' environment (so that you can
still have a group's 'acceptance' and 'tolerance') is bewildering to me.
Having pieces of you edited out because of being considered an 'outside
issue' is damaging and not at all super for esteem. A fragmented, constantly
monitored person is not a healthy person.
Sounds more like another case of "what's best for the institution, not
the individual," or more accurately, "what's best for the ego-maniacs
running the asylum, not the other patients."
There is nothing but selfish ego involved in thinking your way is the
only way, wanting to eliminate matters that are difficult for you personally
to digest, thinking you have the only answer available, knowing the
'correct' way for other people to behave, and the pomposity of running a
group for others that is attached to your own personal intolerance
towards differences.
The control-seekers and condemners might as well be drinking.

Me, I'm gonna be me, and still stay sober.


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