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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cause & Effect

There is a definite cause and effect in the Universe.
Things happen as a result of other things.

("Action, reaction, ....reaction again...chain reaction!"
goes a favorite 'Betty' song.)

If we only look at the fact that we have a problem with
drinking and drugging, where do we go from there?
Logic says 'To what caused the problem.'
What came prior.

Well, because we drank and drugged to excess, sure.
But before that.

Maybe we were drawn to the way it made us
   feel--or not feel.
Maybe it became a habit that just took on a life 
   of its own.
Maybe we found a desire to replicate that
   hypnotic, sluggish effect.

But before that.

Why did we desire to feel nothing?
Why do we want an oblivion?
Why do we feel incapable of handling the pain
and uncertainty of living and loving?
Why is the past so formidable?

"It's only fear that makes us run...
it's feelings that you're running from..."
Melissa Etheridge crooned.

There is a reason behind what we do.
Understanding this and dealing with the
reasons can help eliminate the desire to
continue the behavior.

Know thyself.

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