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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Truth, Opinion, Fact, or Notion?

I would think if anyone lives long enough they would discover
that the world is filled with contradictory elements. There is
little, if anything, that is absolute or consistent.

Even with spiritual circles, the difference between one
philosophy and the next could be night and day.

I see a pattern in this country that is reflected in Recovery
circles; absolutism. The need for there to be one, true,
conclusive, unavoidable Truth that dominates.

I see that the more we discover, the more there is to discover.

I see that there are many forms of the truth, and it's possible
for them all to work and all to coincide. If only people would
let them.

I see that there are many ways to reach one's own path.
And of course how could paths be alike when journies and
destinations are do divergent?

I see that the more we seek consistency and alikeness,
the more we seem to miss the flavor of what makes it all

But I am content to know these 'truths' as I see them.
I don't need anyone else to subscribe to them.

I don't require acceptance or tolerance, but it would
be nice to find a place where there is not constant
jockeying for debate, conflict, domination.

In truth, it probably won't be found while topside.

Let the search continue, nonetheless.

I will help anyone, anywhere...regardless of what their
belief system is. Just seems right.

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  1. unfortunately my friend, conflict is a part of the human condition...maybe one day people will get their shit together, stop being hypocritical in their own lives and just do whats right...or maybe the world will burn...those r the only outcomes i see